Tuesday, 4 July 2017

My 6 day adventure in Dorset and Belfast - Day 2 - Wareham outskirts; on the way to Belfast; Belfast bed accommodation - The 12th of June 2017

Mia and I spent part of the morning going into second hand shops till we joined Liam in taking around two dogs he looks after on a regular basis. The place he took them out to was just in the outskirts of Wareham and quite a nice area.  

We later caught a train to Southampton, so as to fly to Belfast, as part of a three day sojourn Mia had decided to surprise me with. Fearing we wouldn't find too many places open once we reached Belfast we had a succulent, greesy and yet tasty hamburger at the airport.

The bed and breakfast place Mia had rented was in the Queen University's area, so we took a taxi, once we reached Belfast airport later than we had initially expected. The room was equipped with a kitchenet though we had no intention of making our own meals. We were feeling tired so soon after having arrived we decided not even to exlore the neighbourhood, as far as restaurants and caf├ęs were concerned and went to bed instead. We'd be doing it the following day.  

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