Tuesday, 4 July 2017

My 6 day adventure in Dorset and Belfast - Day 1 - Wareham to Kingston and back; evening at the Rex Theatre Cinema - The 11th of June 2017

I reached Wareham fairly late on the 10th though I still had time for a sausage, green peas and mash potato meal at the Red Lion's, which I felt was very tasty considering I am not very keen on this type of cuisine. My daughter had arranged for me to stay at one of the spare bedrooms and I must confess I quite liked it because once I  managed to lie down  on the bed I went to sleep. 

Marian joined us the next morning as we set off for a picnic in Kingston just a few miles away from Wareham. Despite not being used to walking so much in my hometown I did enjoy the whole open air adventure which included a potential attack by a group of cows who looked seemingly interested in what we were having for lunch. We had a good laugh and despite the "non-favourable" weather we had a great time.

As we got back to Wareham I ended up meeting Carmel and other people who have played an important role in my daughter's life lately, until we decided to go the movies at the old Theatre/Cinema Rex, which I had heard of but hadn't had the opportunity to go to. "Rules don't apply" was the film being played and despite not having been the best film ever the surrounding atmosphere balanced it out.

St. James Church in Kingston

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