Thursday, 14 August 2014

Summer English Course (short duration) for 5 - 8 year olds from Santa Maria island, Azores - The last day's presentation - The 8th of August 2014


As I watched the little girls of the group walk in dressed as little "princesses" I realised how important that last day was for them. Apart from performing an adapted version of the The three little pigs in English they would also be showing their "artistic" works to all of those coming to the Oceanic Control Centre Auditorium.

As we were organising the room for the artistic exhibition I noticed how proud they all were with what they had artistically achieved as they carefully carried their artistic works into the "show room".

After the rehearsal they sat where they believed their parents would sit during the performance, right in front of them ..., which didn't happen, but by then they were a lot more concerned about "occupying" their positions on stage and start performing.

They performed brilliantly, taking into account their young ages and the fact that we had rehearsed just a few times. Ana welcomed the guests in English and took charge of the sounds together with Tomas, as Veronica A., Veronica E. and Matilde took on the role of the three little pigs, with Tiago playing the role of the wolf whilst Catarina was in charge of the scenario.

What's so interesting about young children is the extent of their commitment to things and the level of creativity they bring into what they get engaged in. I sometimes wish adults would have a similar attitude towards life and the little moments that might simply make the difference because of one's commitment.

Their enthusiasm was contagious and despite the fact that many of these children had never done anything similar I knew I could count on them right from the beginning.

A sequence of some of the "best" moments captured in photos was shown to the parents just after the handing out of the participation certificates by Rui Esteves on behalf of the Head of the CCO.

To culminate the final day's presentation parents (some of them had already come in the morning) were led into the exhibition room, where the Art "produced" by their children was in display. Based on the parents' expressions I can easily say that they really enjoyed what they were shown. 

We were praised by our efforts but the most touching "praise" came from one of he children who, approaching me with a certain sadness in her eyes, said she wished I was coming next Monday to further teach her more things.

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