Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Summer English Course (short duration) for 9 -11 year olds from Santa Maria island, Azores (cont.) - The 6th and 7th of August 2014


My morning strollings around the hotel were always refreshing especially taking into account the number of hours I had to be enclosed inbetween walls afterwards.

We spent most of Wednesday morning "working" around the texts for the Friday presentation, studying and reading them prior to selecting the roles each of the childrn would be playing. Because everyone seemed to be nervous, I had them do some artistic work. A few children finished their first assigned work and seemed quite happy with the end result and although there wouldn't be much time to do anything else I somehow assigned them new artistic ventures for the following day.


Thursday morning was shaken by a few unexpected dramas, as roles were being assigned nad what turned out to be the happiness of some ended up being the sadness of others. If on one hand I can understand young girls wanting to become princesses even if for a day, I found it more difficult to understand why two young men were disputing the role of ogre, when the role of king was still available. It took some time and patience to explain to those "affected" by the choice of roles why we had decided to have them play different roles than the ones they had apparently been dreaming of.

Only Bernardo seemed not to have been affected by anything, once he had earlier finished his paper ship and was absolutely fascinated with it, to the point that he asked me to read the text out loud having the ship stand right in front of him.

After the second rehearsal I allowed them to do some more artistic works which against the initial odds they all seemed to be into now. In fact by the end of the fourth morning some more children had finished their second artistic assignment.


(to be continued)

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