Thursday, 15 May 2014

Shadowland by the Company Pilobolus - CCB, Lisbon - The 14th of May 2014

Shadowland seemed to be the most adequate show my daughter and I should be going to on her birthday, not only because it was a rather special day, but because of being within the realm of Artistic performances, which is what her adult life has been about and also the fact that it was related to shadow projected dreams and the long and unexpected journey most of us have to endure to reach the no land and make it our "land".

In rhythmic compasses which were sometimes ballad-like and yet other times frenetically harsh as rock the choreographies were both acrobatic and poetical bringing out the best of the contemporary dancers on stage as they "built" the ongoing human sculptures and scenarios of the story from up front and behind the screen. Many of the "projected" images were outstanding with multimedia techniques and the ancestral Chinese shadow theatre being at the heart of it.

I believe we, as viewers,  must have almost certainly put ourselves in the shoes of the girl in search of her path in what took one hour and a half ... an eventful path with symbolic encounters that must have also made us ponder on our own life's path.

Pilobolus ' performance ended with an extra surprise for the audience ... the building up of monuments which still define our identity ... - The Portuguese guitar ...  The  Monument to the Discoveries .... the Lisbon crows ... the bridges on the river Tagus ... an d finally a thanking word in our language  ...

A majestic performance, which is really worth being watched ...

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