Friday, 2 May 2014

Discovering Armenia 9 day circuit - Day 4 (evening) - Gyumri - A rather special dinner - The 19th of April 2014

We were driven to a valley still within the Gyumri area fairly close to the Russian barracks which are still operating in this part of the territory, so as to eat fish taken straight from the local fish ponds of trouts and sturgeons.
The restaurant was rather peculiar because it was actually split in several restaurant houses, each of which accomodated a different group of guests. Seen from above it was similar to a fairy-like story.

Before heading to the restaurant house we would be having dinner at we walked around the site looking at the various ponds followed by a visit to the restaurant bread making and fish preparation areas.


We were then given thorough explanations as to what sort of food we should expect. Both the marinated fish for starters and the grilled sturgeon and trout stew were excellent. One thing surprised me though, neither of these latter courses was accompanied by anything, except for what had already been put on the table as starters.


Armine and the head waiter (on the left)

It was a rather special dinner, I must admit ... one I will remember for a long time.

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