Tuesday, 30 July 2013

World Music Festival of Sines (cont.), Portugal - The 27th of July 2013


After having slept for about four hours and soon after having had a copious breakfast at the hotel restaurant we decided to venture towards the Vicentine coastline so as to be able to sunbathe in one of the many small isolated beaches which are spread along it, once the concerts wouldn't be starting before half past eight.

The beaches were rather "appealing" and we had a tremendous difficulty in selecting the one we would be spending our next hours on. We finally decided for the Samouqueiro beach, which is closer to Porto Covo.

By then we basically had the beach for ourselves and it wasn't much later that people finally started arriving.

By noon the heat was too strong so we decided to drive into the village and find ourselves a small restaurant where we could have some fresh fish. We soon walked into the pedestrian area by the small church and had a typical buzio rice meal and some very tasty grilled sardines with a jar of red wine "sangria" to go with.

Having got back to the hotel by three we still had time to lie down in the veranda and have an "afternoon" nap until around seven when we got ready for the last night of the festival which started once more at the bay stage with a group from China.

We were a bit far from the stage but the voice of the Dawanggang group singer (and author of most of the songs of the group) did catch our attention. The produced sound is melodically speaking  a "savage-like" musical approach similar to a vagrant rhythm according to music experts which incorporates traditional Chinese opera and a renovated structural jazzy approach.

Before the Castle performances started we still had time to visit the Chapel of Misericordia which housed a rather special and very well organised fair on World Music and therewith related books.

Prior to walking into the Castle grounds we sat down at a close by café restaurant to have some typical Portuguese meal that would sustain us through the long evening and were unexpectedly surprised by a group of musicians playing with recycled -like instruments ... and what a great street performance it was!...

(To be continued)

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