Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Aviation oriented modules - The 1st and 3rd of July 2013

Why do I get exquisitely happy and even sometimes emotional whenever I meet students I have had in my Aviation oriented classes or refresher modules sometime in the past?

Somebody has recently stated that I may be getting old (which I naturally am) and therefore feel a lot more sensitive ..., but  I personally believe it has nothing to do with that and is simply the fact that I over rejoice with them having achieved some of their professional goals, the ones they seemed worried about when struggling through their abinitio courses or even the first weeks of their on-job training experience.

Sara and Timoteo (left). João and Costa (right).

These short modules allow me to see how well they are doing, taking into account the fact that I rarely see them, particularly the ones who have been placed in Madeira or Porto Santo.

May they keep on doing well and bring with them that little ray of "sunshine" presence onto the Training school, which is otherwise so routinely "greyish" ...

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