Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Vicentine Coast around the island of Pessegueiro, Portugal - the 28th of July 2013

We decided to spend the last part of our trip to the Vicentine coast around the island of Pessegueiro on a small and rather cosy beach among rocks right in front of the island's fort, which was built in 1588 as a supplementary fortification to the one that stood behind us in the mainland, both of which are said to have been designed to protect the coast from the English pirate ships.

We finally  decided to drive back home in the early afternoon though none of us made any special effort to. Had we not had obligations back in Lisbon the following day and I am sure we wouldn't have "abandoned"  the Vicentine coast and its beaches so abruptly as we did.   

Having trusted Mia and Filipa to drive the car I went to sleep on most of the way back to Lisbon. The moment we reached home none of us felt like saying anything except that we feel we'll go back some other time (why not this year!...)

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