Monday, 6 February 2017

My beloved Faro students ...

Having to professionally travel from North to South ... and sometimes beyond mainland Portugal can be a tiring experience and particularly so if one has to teach all day long and still have to make reports throughout the night, but having the opportunity to  revisit places, like Faro I used to come regularly to (many years ago) or deal with students I've met at different stages of my professional life is the positive aspect of the whole process. 
I reached Faro (by train) late in the afternoon and  took  a hotel as close to the airport as possible, so as to easily "embark" on the extra evening work without spending too much time moving about.

I have had the first refresher group today and despite being exhausted (could I be getting older ?... or is it the ongoing work finally cathing up on me, I wonder ...) I feel happy.


Saboga, Ana, Raminhos, Rui and Marco (from left to right). 
It's undeniable that my students play a very important role in my life ... and will keep on playing whether I see them on a regular basis on not ... teacher-student bonds are very strong, or at least in my case they are ...  and I can't help thinking what it would be like had I not "got to know" them ...

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