Sunday, 12 February 2017

My beloved Faro students (cont.) ...

... The Refresher courses continued in the following days and so did the encounters with the numerous students I feel for ... The tiring sequence of daily sessions didn't make me feel less committed than I was at the beginning of the week.

Their enthusiasm led the way ... I just followed suit. Overlooking the airport layout from the classroom within the Tower seemed to reinforce the importance of the ongoing Aviation oriented English lessons.

João, Anabela, Helder, Caldeira, Alvarenga, Neto, Cláudia, Geraldes and Nelson (from left to right).

Francisco, Dowling, Claudino and Peixoto (from left to right).

I must confess I did enjoy  these four days and feel that despite the "light" joyful type of approach to the Aviation oriented language we managed to revise and "cover" quite a lot, as well as further develop language strategies, so as to better express ourselves.

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