Friday, 3 February 2017

Calheta de São Miguel in Cape Verde solidarity project (cont.)


I am really astounded at the recent incoming suport for the project of Calheta. Not only have I had colleagues, as well as some of their family members giving me money to ensure the basic school needs of specific children (this being the case of a number of people from the company's Legal Department) are paid for, but also new clothes brought to me, so as to take for children of various ages (by two colleagues).

Lúcia Casqueiro's extra contribution

The biggest surprise came from a colleague, former student and therefore friend (whose identity I won't disclose, simply because I know she woudn't like me to), who wanted to sponsor my trip (which I naturally didn't accept, despite having felt speechless and extremelly touched with the gesture).

Every gesture counts and so does every cent put to good use. I can't help thinking how joyful and happy these children and adolescents will feel with the new clothes and the little gifts and toys. Most important of all is though that they  manage to be children in their own right and keep on attending school.

My sincere thanks to José Saragoça, Helena Mendes, Lúcia Casqueiro and her mother, Fátima Maruta and her daughter and Rita Timóteo for their support.

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