Monday, 26 October 2015

The latest film I have watched ...

We, Mia and I, decided to sellect the Wolf Totem as the Saturday afternoon film based on its trailer and we must confess we were not disappointed ... as it did in fact exceed our expectations.
Based on a semi-autobiographical  award winning Cultural Revolution novel written by Lu Jiamin in the sixties and said to be the second most read book in China, it has been adapted to the cinema by the producer Jean-Jacques Annaud together with a Chinese crew from China Film Group, in a rather controversial turn of events, once he is considered a persona non grata in China and  his film Seven years in Tibet has been  and still is forbidden in there.

Set in inner Mongolia the film touches quite a few important issues which have to do with the advancing turmoil of the so called civilization as against the nomads' tradition, the ongoing fight and strategic approaches carrried out between humans and animals, in this particular case packs of marauding wolves, the co-habiting of residents and "invaders" ... acknowledging one's limits ...

It will be competing for the Foreign Language Film Oscar, so I heard, amidst what turned out to be another controversial issue. Without knowing the other competing films I'd say it has been well chosen and will certain please a much wider public than all of those who have already had the chance of watching it. 

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