Thursday, 8 October 2015

My beloved students ...

Having had some kidney problems over the weekend and therefore not feeling too well to walk into the classroom "stage" for two consecutive full days, I must admit I was aprehensive as to my potential comittment and overall performance throughout the refresher course designed for aerodrome traffic information agents from two of the Azorean islands and Coimbra.

For some sort of magic spell I started feeling slightly better during the first morning and definitely much better as we approached the last day, despite feeling rather tired, which was easily reflected on my facial expressions and posture.

I'd like to believe the temporary health problem was (is) getting better but it's unfortunately not true which leads me to assume that I must be either permanently busy, so as not to feel any physical pain (which is also not necessarily true) or my beloved students have had a beneficial influence on me, having become my natural "pain killers".

We ended up having a great time throughout the intensive scheduled course in which we managed to creatively "cover" and revise what was necessary and I can't help but wish them all the best in their professional lives ... 


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  1. I loved review these photos. Kiss

    Miguel Silva