Monday, 26 October 2015

The latest book I have read ...

I believe Albert Espinosa's books are almost always selected as good readings because they are inspiring and "down to earth" type of books, based on his personal experience as a cancer survivor, espite not being autobiographies. 
I have never come across any of his books in the original Language, having fallen upon a French version this time - Le Monde soleil, which I found to be rather interesting and "eye opening" at times. This particular book hints at different perspectives to see life and nourish oneself withthe lessons one may or should have learnt from both good and bad moments.
It made me go through some of my personal moments in retrospect and "analyse" them under a different light, not to mention to have a slightly "wiser" approach to those issues that still linger on.

I could have easily copied down a few extracts, though I have chosen to include a mere five, one of which (the one related to the solitary act of masturbation) may be misleading ... but any of them is "food for thought". 

"Dans la vie, le plus important c'est de savoir dire "non" et accepter les "non"."
"Pour se tromper, il faut oser; le résultat n'est que sécondaire."
"Trouve ce que tu aimes regarder et regarde le (...) ce qui est important, ce n'est pas tant ce qu'on regarde mais ce qu'on en retire."
" Ce qu'il faut retenir, c'est que la mort n'existe pas. Quand quelqu'un meurt, son souvenir demeure, (...) il ne faut jamais associer la mort à la douleur ou à la perte (...) c'est dificille, mais c'est possible."

"Nous ne sommes vraiment nous mêmes qu'après nous être masturbés."


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