Friday, 27 June 2014

The 6 day trip to Ireland - Dublin (day 5 - late afternoon and evening) the Little Museum and across the city centre - The 14th of June 2014

Not knowing exactly where to head to we finally decided to visit the Little Museum of Dublin launched in 2011 and which according to some of the guide books was a little "gem".

The over 5.000 artefacts in the Museum's collection, comprising Art, Photography, advertising, letters, postcards and ephemera were gathered due to the generosity of the Irish people to whom an appeal was made in regards to historic objects related to cultural, social and political life in Dublin between the years 1900 and 2000.
We initiated our visit by walking into a temporary exhibition on the ground floor - Mrs. Brown - the stopry of agnes Brown, a typical Dublin mammy, though in reality it was ultimately a tribute to mammies in every age and every country.

We then went on an hour guided tour to the Museum collection focussed on the story behindseveral of the artefacts in display, some of which were quite interesting (the copy of a letter written by Samuel Becket to a question asked by a school boy). The guide spoke about every little object in quite an unusual entusiastic way and we all (we were a group of a dozen tourists) found his story telling capability absolutely stunning.

Before leaving we still went up to the second floor of the Georgian house the Museum was accommodated at to visit another temporary exhibition - The Dead- Drawings by Robert Berry. Being the final and longest story of James Joyce's collecion Dubliners, the Dead had a limited edition handmade book to mark the centenary of his publication with drawings by a n American graphic artist (Robert Berry), whose drawing reproductions we had access to. I loved the style and didn't photograph them all because of the glass reflect. 

Along the Museum's stairway one came across quite a few interesting photographs of Dublin characters of that epoch.

By the time we left the Little Museum we were really hungry and therefore decided to walk along Graphton's unaware that we wouldn't find anything to eat but at a pub quite a few streets away.

I shared a rather greesy meal with Jeanie, whilst Mia decided on a healthier looking salad. It was late afternoon, so we might have considered this as a lunch-dinner meal.

We soon headed towards the biggest bookshop in Dublin before it actually closed its doors to the public. Having bought a few books and once we were out nothing felt more appealling than to go back to the Temple Bar and across the river to the O'Connel areas where our respective guesthouses were located. 

Because it would be England's first football game in the World Cup we decided to be ready to "celebrate" England's upcoming victory by drinking some local beer ... (we ended up having to drink the beer despite England not having won the game)

I believe a lot of people got drunk that night for the "wrong" reasons ....

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