Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bonds ...

I do almost inevitably establish some sort of strong bond with the students I have to work with,  in which I quite often assume a mother-like type of role in as much as the way I help them overcome the difficulties they have to go through in order to achieve the required aeronautical Language skills.

And if I say mother-like attitude it is because there is a rather unique commitment similar to the one mothers have in regards to their children, based on unconditional giving associated to an ongoing worry as they  make their way through the numerous obstacles throughout the course, which may highly depend on the sharing of one's personal experience. 

Miguel, José, Vanessa, Lena, André and Tomás (from left to right).

Whenever I travel I do also inevitable establish bonds with the people I end up getting aquainted with and whom I share a daily contact with during the course of the organised circuits. And if it is true that many of the people I meet will be mere trip companions I will not get to see again, some do come across as people I know I will further develop or want to develop a bond with.

Just three weeks into the latest long trip to Armenia I met two of my "Armenian" trip colleagues Annick and Claude in Lisbon, whom I spent a very interesting evening with at the Alfama house they rented for their one week holiday in my hometown. A reinforced bond and one I feel will further continue.

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