Sunday, 22 June 2014

The 6 day trip to Ireland (Day 4 - morning cont.) - The city centre of Kilkenni and the Cathedral of the Assumption - The 13th of June 2014


The river Nore views from the Castle gardens were quite impressive and because we were left to our sort by our guide Julie we decided to venture into town and head to the huge tower we could see as we walked into the city centre, which we presumed to be a Cathedral.

We were right because it ended up being the Cathedral of the Assumption, also known as St. Mary's Church or the Church of St. Kieran dating from 1974-1857. The present building which we barely had time to visit, as there would be a wedding ceremony is made from cut-limestone said to have been sourced locally.

The sculpture of Madonna by Giovani Maria Benzoni (right).

As we still had one hour left to stroll about we headed back to the heart of the city with its vibrant colour shops and pubs contrasting with some of the old greyish buildings, which nevertheless blended almost perfectly in terms of overall architectural display.

We walked into a magnificent café bookshop where we spent some time looking through the wide variety of historic books  until we didn't resist having an enormous fruit milk shake which we carried us to the bus before we headed towards Wicklow mountains.

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