Thursday, 10 April 2014

Óbidos during the yearly Chocolate Fair - The 6th of April 2014 (afternoon)

We reached Obidos in the early afternoon and the moment we approached the medieval city it was clear that it would be overcrowded, perfectly justifiable by the fact that it was the last day of the Chocolate fair.

By the medieval city entrance wall a couple of street artists dressed up in "chocolate" called the attention to the rare event ...

... and though we had ventured there for it there were times in which we had to move onto side streets because of the excessive number of people. We ended up heading towards the 16th century Saint Peter's Parish church, whose interior with its national Baroque-styled altar piece we actually visited.

The beautiful cobble stoned back streets and alleys brought us the silence and desired quietness and for moments it was as if no festivity was going on, once it was mostly concentrated around the main street going across the city.

The outstanding Saint Mary's Church (Our Lady of the Assumption) erected in 1148 did catch our attention.

Unable to see the chocolate sculptures, whose access was hampered by a frightening long queue, we briefly stopped at the children's park and enjoyed ourselves for as long as the swings sounded "safe" to withstand our adult-like weight.

We  finally made our way out not before stopping at the Parish Museum, which proved to be really worth being visited.

I felt slightly disappointed, maybe because I had expected something different to come out of such a well known event, but the overall experience was nevertheless positive.

(The Museum's visit to follow)

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