Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My two day adventure in Bilbao - Day 2 (afternoon cont.) - Gran Via, Plazas de Moyua, Sagrado Corazon and Casilla - The 30th of March 2014


Exausted as I was from having walked all day long the moment I reached Alameda Recalde I had to sit down in a small and cosy Café which, as if falling from the sky, made my delight.

Soon after having recovered (though only partly) I headed onto Gran Via, which must certainly concentrate the highest number of imponent buildings per square metre. Whichever side I looked at my attention was drawn to those outstandingly beautiful constructions that lined the avenue.

The last afternoon was about strolling around places I had been to and some I had only seen on the map. The sun was shining and that helped me immensely, because observing many of those under such warmth and brightness gave it all a touch of glow.


Plaza Moyua

Chavarri Mansion (left)

Euskadi historical Archive building (right).

Plaza de Sagrado Corazon

Casa de la Misericordia and gardens


By the time I reached Plaza Casilla I once more felt the need to relax and have something to eat. I must confess I was once more lucky with the Café I walked into, because not only was the sandwich delicious but definitely also the atmosphere.

Plaza Casilla (left).

 The 1918 Felix Serrano School.

It was only by the time I got to the hotel and was beginning to sort out my things for the next day's trip that I realised I hadn't printed the return ticket, nor did I have any idea which company I would be flying with. My attempt to get access to the net failed, so in despair I decided to drive to the airport.

Amidst the confusion of my name not being on most of the outgoing flights to Lisbon the following day and as I was losing my calmness my name finally popped out in the system and I managed to get back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

Bilbao international airport

I really enjoyed my short adventurous trip to Bilbao and despite the fact that many people feel travelling alone is a nuisance I realised once more that I do enjoy travelling on my own. Getting back "on track" solo hasn't been easy but it has certainly paid off ... with a little help from "my" Bilbao and the good Springtime weather.

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