Sunday, 16 February 2014

The latest books I have read ...

Whilst in Edinburgh I bought " The examined life - How we lose and find ourselves" by Stephen Grosz based on its rank as most read book the previous month, as well as a raised curiosity following a written review I came across  ...

"after reading Grosz' absorbing accounts of his patients' journeys you might feel that the Examined Life ought to be given out free at birth."

... and I haven't been dispointed.

I don't think it will be possible to better describe it. The fact that I wasn't handed it out at birth does not mean I cannot keep it by my side till the day I pass away. It doesn't also necessarily mean I'll change my behaviour after having read it but it has provided me with an insight into certain behavioural aspects (mine and others') I had never considered before or at least in the way they have been looked at and analysed. The variety of life scenarios is such that it does cover an equally wide spectrum of  rather complex emotions, desires and fears. Definitely I book to be read by everyone.

The second book I have finished reading is "Armenia", the smart book version, which despite being fairly small has provided me with the essential elements on how to approach the local people,  bearing in mind their customs and culture.

The fact that it has been written by an foreigner who immersed herself into the Armenian language and culture prior to having moved there to teach does make it a rather special book in its approach and though I'll keep on reading on Armenia as a preparation for my trip there I do feel this particular book has added  a bit more to what I had "gained" already by having read an Armenian sketchbook. 

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