Saturday, 15 February 2014

Museu do Oriente, Lisboa - Temporary exhibition "Fever" - on Contemporary Art from Macao (Ann Hoi, Coke Wong and Peng Yun) - the 15th of February 2014

Bringing together the contemporary work of fifteen artists from Macao, whose artistic expression is extremely diverse has the indescribable  power of immersing the public in poetry, harshness, extreme feelings, and a whole range of emotions in what is intended as a celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the handover of the Administration of Macao to the People's Republic of China.

The meticulous and extraordinarily well assembled  paper sculptures by Ann Hoi were very touching. I was literally speechless whilst looking at those pieces of paper glued together ...

Despite not having been particularly drawn by Coke Wong's resin faces I must admit that there was something quite strong about the expressions on those incomplete sculpted heads.

Peng Yun's  videos have had the extraordinary power of  generating emotions that go well beyond the awkwardly unexpected physical arousal in the case of "Miss Melissa and Mr. Fish" and the silent despair  displayed in "Miss Lee has soft fingers and beautiful eyes". A reality transcending its own reality ...

2013 - 50x40x22 cm Paper sculpture by Ann Hoi

 "The ritual" - 2012 - 130x30x50cm Paper sculpture by Ann Hoi

"Vagrant" - 2013 - 150x45x40cm Paper sculpture by Ann Hoi

 "Protruding heads" - 2012 - Coloured resin by Coke Wong

 "Miss Melissa and Mr. Fish at 2:31 PM" -  2013 Video by Peng Yun

 "Miss Lee has soft fingers and beautiful eyes" - 2013 Video by Peng Yun

(To be continued)

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