Monday, 18 November 2013

Cape Verde, Praia - Plateau and Sucupira - The 12th of November 2013 (morning)

Having got up fairly late I decided to stay around the Plateau area and just wander about like in the previous afternoon, despite having ventured into the bustling of the local market particularly the fish stalls, which were filled with huge chunks of tuna and other fish varieties.

I hanged around for a while talking to the vendors before heading to the belvedere overlooking the Gamboa bay ...

... but as I did I came across some kind of Christian festivity, which I later found out to be the Christening of a few children.  

On the way back from the belvedere I stopped at Sofia's Café and the cosy little square where it is located ...

... before deciding to walk down towards Sucupira once I sighted a new mural from where I was standing. I have always had some sort of strange relationship with vibrant colours ... that inevitably draw my attention. I found some of the paintings fairly interesting apart from the chromatic approach and the fact that some of them dealt with voluntary work and solidarity attracted me even more. I often question myself as to what leads people to volunteering ... and feel that those who don't haven't had the privilege of giving without expecting to get anything in return.

As I decided to walk back up I came across two old buses transformed into street restaurants and had I not already asked for my lunch to be prepared in advance I would have sat down and tried some of the "tasty" stuff they was being cooked and whose smell I could clearly feel in the air.

(To be continued)

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