Friday, 15 November 2013

Cape Verde, Calheta de São Miguel -The handing out of the presents -The 9th of November 2013 afternoon (cont.)


Children react differently whenever it comes to getting the presents which were sent to them from Portugal and France. There are children who cannot hide their extreme happiness, whilst others unveil an accumulation of feelings in their apparent sad looking facial expressions disclosing an incapacity to express happiness in what most people would consider a "normal" way.

Throughout these years I have seen a lot of children crying out of happiness and many others become silent and reflexive, as if detached from what is happening around them. When given a piece of paper, which is what most ask for, to write back to those who in some sort of way have demonstrated that they do care ... and then that's when they  open up to say what is "embedded" in their souls.

Bete looked rather stern and when I asked her  what the problem was, she briefly responded that her father had passed away less than a month ago and she would have liked to have shared the special moment with him. Silvana has always been an enigmatic young lady, who rarely responds to what she is asked, and on whose face I have only briefly seen a shy smile once or twice before. I wish I could stay longer and try to understand what really lies behind such a sad looking face.

Silvana (left) and Delmizia (right) holding their presents.

Lola (left) holding her new school bag whilst Bete is seen  (right) holding the new skirt and earrings.

Lavinia holding the presents I bought for her

Silvânio (left) and his brother Silas (right) holding the presents.

Silvânio and Silas' elder sister holding the envelopes with the money for their school needs (left). Cynthia holding her niece's present and school money.

Jussara (left) and her cousin Eveline (right) holding the presents.

Carla (left) holding her present and Jocelyne (right) surrounded by hers.

Diva (left) and Neuza holding their new school bags, with Diva further showing her new dress.

I was surprised and extremely happy to see Filomena, who showed up unexpectedly. I had been led to believe she had moved following her grandmother's demise, but felt almost sure her former "godmother" will be relieved to and happy when she finds out  we have located her (or rather she has located us again).

Ana Galina holding her new dress (left). Filomena (right).

Simone (left) and Eunice de Jesus (right) holding their presents.

(To be continued)

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