Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Faro, Culatra island via Farol - The 2nd of August 2017

I had vaguely heard people talk about Culatra island, though I had never had a chance to visit it in any of the previous sojourns in Faro. The opportunity came for us to take a boat trip to any of Faro neighbouring islands, so we opted for Culatra, not knowing exactly what to expect.

Sailing around the marshland of Ria Formosa, an animal protected area and a haven for bird nesting was fairly interesting till we reached Farol island, a compulsory stop (though we didn't leave the anchoring area) prior to having made it to Culatra. 
The walk to the beach which inevitably took us through the fisherman's village and a huge clam collecting area was long but there didn't seem much to do around apart from sitting in the caf├ęs. I must say that the trip was worth it, despite the fact that we were subject to the boat timetables, and more so because the last one to Faro was fairly early in the afternoon. 


Friday, 18 August 2017

Faro - The Cathedral - The 31st of July 2017

Among a few opportunities I had to stroll around Faro was the visit to its Cathedral, which I had tried to visit several times before and wasn't able to, because of having been closed. I was fortunate enough this time, despite the fact that only my colleague's little boy and I risked walking up to the bellfry and in to admire its various chapels, some of which  were tiled and showcased quite a few gilded altars and artefacts, dating from the thirteenth through to the late seventeenth centuries.

I  must say I visited it in a hurry thinking and partly worried about those who were outside waiting for us but will certainly go back some other time (hopefully when it is open), as I feel it deserves to be thoroughly visited and admired.