Monday, 3 October 2016

The latest film I have watched ...

I wasn't initially very queen on going to the movies to watch Sully because not only had I already seen the reanacted landing on the Hudson river and read enough (I believed) on the subject matter but was equally determined not to spend my free time connected to Aviation related issues, which are part of my daily duties'world.
I am happy my brother and particularly my daughter convinced me to because the extracts from the the National Transportation Safety Board inquiry provided me with a full perspective of  Captain Sullenberger's situation as he attempted to justify his prime decision on the water landing after having lost two engines in a bird strike, which saved the lives of 155  "souls on board".

I don't think anyone could have impersonated "Sully" as Tom Hanks did.


"Largely eschewing biographical details this take on Sullenberger (which writer Todd Komarnicki adapted from Sullenberger's own book) plays like an ode to competence and commitment. It is also filtered through the prism of a National Transportation Safety Board investigation seemingly determined to second-guess Sullenberger's decision, which saved 155 lives." - Brian Lowry.
"The film movingly depicts Sully's modest insistence that he was just doing his job and the collective courage of the flight  attendants, air-traffic controllers, police officers and the passengers themselves." - Richard Brody.
"(...) a good story, well told." - Mathew Lickona.

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