Saturday, 27 September 2014

The 8 day cultural trip to Iran - "Iranian Treasures" - (Day 2 morning) The Tehran Carpet Museum (cont.) - The 17th of September 2014


To thoroughly admire the huge amount of artistic carpets in display  a lot more time would have been required, but despite those constraints I still managed to photograph quite a few that seem to have caught my attention as I strolled along the galleries.

70 Radj knot cotton and silk tree prayer- niche design - Early 20th century - Kashan (left); 55 Radj knot cotton and wool corner medallion carpet - late 19th century - Khorassan (right).

Cotton and wool rose flower design rug - 19th century - Senneh (right).

60 Radj  knot cotton and wool animals combat corner medallion design rug - 19th century rug - Senneh.

70 Radj knot wool and silk dragon-head Arabesque design rug - 1906 -Bidjar (right).

50 Radj knot cotton and wool carpet "Kings and Notables" - 1905 - Kerman (right).


70 Radj knot cotton and wool tree of life design carpet woven by Master Abolghasem Kermani - Kerman

The legendary stories of the Sassanid King Bahran V (421-439 AD) - 1916 - Kerman

Pictorial carpet with famous figures - 1910.
I must confess I loved this first visit, which set the tone for the ones to follow. I was definitely taken by the beauty and weaving mastery displayed.

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