Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer English Course (short duration) for 4-6 year old children - The 21st and 22nd of July 2014

I must confess that despite being tired out I was looking forward to starting the Summer English courses in which the young relatives of many of my fellow colleagues had been enrolled as part of their vacation activities. 

Among the list of children attending the first course, which started yesterday, I noticed there were three newcomers, whose family names did  in fact ring a bell (I had been their parents' teacher as well). If I was feeling tired the moment I walked into the classroom I fairly soon forgot about it all, once the children's enthusiasm fuelled my inner drive. 

After having learned how to properly pronounce a few of the animals of the forest, which is this season's theme, the children gathered around a table playing a memory card game, whose cards had many of those "new" animals printed on them.

Three of the "older" children still had some time to play a "cautious" oriented game involving a rather difficult penguin track, which they had to control by adequately adjusting some side lines.

Whenever they got something right children were handed some animal stickers they are proudly showing in the group photograph underneath.

Back row (InĂªs, Diogo and Salvador) from left to right; Front row (Clara, Martina, Teresa and Madalena) from left to right.

The morning breaks have also proved to be "enthusiastic" moments over the last two days, particularly after having got engaged in slightly more demanding activities, like today's.

We were so committed to what we were doing that I got carried away and didn't take but two photos during the whole morning today ..., namely the one prior to them leaving (underneath), in which we can see them smiling (... still a good symptom, I would say).

(To be continued)

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