Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lisbon, the high-relief medallion ...

Since I have bought a little book on Lisbon and its secrecies I have been made aware of the fact that there are innumerable symbols and exquisite corners in the city I live in I had never paid too much attention to despite having already looked at some of them.

One of the latest "discoveries" has been the high-relief medallion embedded on a wall in the corner of Rua do Amparo connecting Praça da Figueira to Rossio Square depicting  two hands touching in a clear fraternal greeting attitude to signify the support between the two squares, one of which had  until 1755 been a rural market to soon become one of the important centres of the reconstructed Lisbon under Marquis of Pombal.

How often do we ignore details just like this ... and not exclusively whilst wandering about in any city but also in our daily life of emotions forgetting the fraternal attitude we should have ...

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